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Lissage du modèle numérique de terrain BD ALTI à 25 mètres

Le problème n’est pas nouveau, mais on ne trouve toujours pas de solutions simples pour le « maquillage » du modèle numérique de terrain (MNT) très couramment utilisé en France, le BD ALTI de résolution de 25 mètres. Celui-ci est disponible en valeurs entières, ce que lui donne un aspect en march...

Visibility analysis, release 0.5.4:
modelling the horizon

Visibility analysis plugin for QGIS is prospering quite well. As of writing, it counts some 20 000 downloads and a bunch of « votes », which means that at least several thousand people are using it. (Although, it does feel uncomfortable knowing that any potential error would risk a blame-storm ….)

Polar (azimuth) diagram in QGIS

Orientation of geographic features can be an important piece of information, for instance when studying ancient field systems or analysing geological formations. The problem comes when we try to summarise such data graphically . Standard histograms are not ideal because they cut through the conti...

Labelling features from north to south in QGIS

Making some order in feature labels on a map is, quite often, a pain. When there is no room for full labels or when there is such a large number of features that a reader cannot find his/her way through a forest of information - it is always handy to replace textual labels with a sequence of numb...